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Bricks are energy efficient and adjust the building’s temperature. They offer warmth in winter and have a cooling effect in the summer. At Masonry, we have all the expertise and experience to handle any brick wall project. We can supply a wide range of bricks based on cost, type, colour, etc., and whichever is needed; we will deliver it.


Blocks are durable and quite affordable. At Masonry, we supply quality concrete blocks which are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. From screen wall breeze block systems to decorative block systems, we can supply and install any type of block wall systems. Whether it’s a wall around a home or smaller block walls to surround a barbeque pit or pool, we can build it efficiently.


Hebel walls are strong, solid and eco-friendly. They are good for noise reduction and are fire resistant. Hebel is well suited for high rise buildings and requires less steel and concrete due to its low density. With years of experience in Hebel installation, Masonry has grown to be one of the most respected Hebel contractors in Sydney. Our Hebel installers use the most advanced technology making the process fast and efficient.


Cladding is a good way to decorate a wall and add a layer of protection to it. When you choose Masonry, you can count on our wealth of experience in wall cladding solutions for commercial and residential applications. Our cladding specialists are always committed to producing superior finishes. We use the highest-quality and strongest materials to ensure our cladding systems meet not only the challenges of today but also the challenges of the next decade and beyond.


We are Sydney’s leading contractor for supplying and installing commercial and residential gyprock plasterboards. We have a highly skilled team of technicians who are very experienced in installing gyprock walls. Whether it’s an extension to a home or subdividing an office or shopping centre, we will take care of it from start to finish.

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Supply Chain Finance

Construction financial processes pose significant cash flow and working capital challenges for subcontractors. In Australia, the construction industry has the highest insolvency, especially due to inadequate cash flow coupled with poor financial control and poor record keeping. The biggest challenge results from the lengthy period between work completion and the eventual payment of the invoice. Unfortunately, sometimes these problems can have significant negative impacts on businesses and relationships.

Masonry seeks to solve this problem by providing Supply Chain Finance (SCF). As the first company in Australia to offer this service to the construction industry, we have partnered with one of Australia’s leading fintech called OmniPay to introduce a new invoice finance platform.

The platform will make it simpler for subcontractors to manage their cash flow more effectively. This will facilitate growth and allow them to balance varying payment terms across contracts.

Today, numerous contractors all over the world are turning to SCF to provide faster, predictable payments to subcontractors using third-party funding. Through SCF, you will be able to settle supplier invoices in advance of the invoice maturity date, for a lower financing cost than your own source of funds. With over 20 years of experience in project management and funding, you can count on Masonry to help you solve your cash flow and working capital problems.