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A Total Wall Solution

For any construction project, dealing with different contractors can be a challenge. At Masonry, we aim to solve this problem and make the construction process smooth and convenient. Therefore, we provide an end-to-end wall solution that addresses all your wall requirements. Whether you want a brick wall, gyprock plasterboard, or Hebel wall, we can supply and install it for you.

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Peace of Mind

Installing wall systems should not be a headache. Instead, it should be the easy part. With our Total Wall Solution, you won’t have to worry about the installation as we can install any wall from bricks to gyprock walls. Our one-stop-shop simplifies the process for procurement, delivery, and installation making the construction process smooth and hassle-free.


With our Total Wall Solution, you’ll find your walls installed using fewer resources, fast, and in a more efficient manner. This will allow you to complete multiple project components simultaneously hence enabling you to work on projects with a short deadline.

Cost Effective

The Solution can cut your construction costs significantly. With high efficiency, comes lower cost as fewer resources are used. Since we can supply a wide variety of wall solutions, you save by dealing with one contractor instead of many contractors. Moreover, we offer very competitive rates for all our clients thereby lowering your costs. This also enables you to handle projects with a tight budget.

Strategic Partners

Over the years, we have forged strong business alliances with manufacturers of all types of wall systems from bricks to blocks, Hebel to gyprock. Our assorted group of partners enables us to provide our clients with a wide variety of alternatives to accommodate their budget, design, and purpose.

Unlimited Design Possibilities

With our Total Wall Solution, the only limit is your imagination. We can produce creative wall solutions as well as customise them to your preference.

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Supply Chain Finance

Construction financial processes pose significant cash flow and working capital challenges for subcontractors. In Australia, the construction industry has the highest insolvency, especially due to inadequate cash flow coupled with poor financial control and poor record keeping. The biggest challenge results from the lengthy period between work completion and the eventual payment of the invoice. Unfortunately, sometimes these problems can have significant negative impacts on businesses and relationships.

Masonry seeks to solve this problem by providing Supply Chain Finance (SCF). As the first company in Australia to offer this service to the construction industry, we have partnered with one of Australia’s leading fintech called OmniPay to introduce a new invoice finance platform.

The platform will make it simpler for subcontractors to manage their cash flow more effectively. This will facilitate growth and allow them to balance varying payment terms across contracts.

Today, numerous contractors all over the world are turning to SCF to provide faster, predictable payments to subcontractors using third-party funding. Through SCF, you will be able to settle supplier invoices in advance of the invoice maturity date, for a lower financing cost than your own source of funds. With over 20 years of experience in project management and funding, you can count on Masonry to help you solve your cash flow and working capital problems.